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Student Patriots
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Student Registration Only and "Vanguard" Group Membership

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Student Registration Only and "Vanguard" Group Membership

Postby Guardian » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:55 pm

Registration to the Student Patriots board is only for . . . students 13 years and older (through the 12th grade) . . . and is only required if they want to...

  • Display an "Avatar" and your signature with every post
  • Posts to be counted towards achieving Ranks... Patriot, True Patriot, Star Patriot, Grand Patriot, and Hero Patriot
  • Post in Minuteman Vanguard forums on a queued basis (Minutemen Vanguard is read only to visitors.)
  • Become a member of the "Vanguard" group for additional posting rights
Registration Approval
After you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how to verify that you were the person who actually registered with the associated email address. Failure to authenticate your registration within 3 days could result in your registration being removed without approval . . . requiring you to register again with the same authentication process.

"Vanguard" Group Membership

Vanguard membership allows registered users to have...
  • Access to hidden social forums without having posts in them queued for review
  • Being able to post in designated Minuteman Vanguard forums without having it queued for review
  • Being eligible to become a forum moderator for a hidden forum and start polls
There are three steps involved in becoming a Vanguard member.

  1. Adding Required Information in your Signature Box

    Once you login . . . click on "User Control Panel", then on "Profile" and then on "Edit Signature"

    You must add the following information in the Signature Box:

    First and Last Name
    Your Age and Grade Level

    Note: You can add other information in your signature box with the total signature information limited to 255 characters

  2. You must have at least one approved post in a creative works or Minuteman Vanguard forum. (A registered user with a video, photo, or artwork with link in the respective forum is also eligible.)

  3. Requesting Membership to "Vanguard"

    Once you have provided the above information in your Signature Box and have an approved post or link send a private message or email to one of the following administrators requesting membership to the "Vanguard" group along with the location of at least one of your approved posts.

You will be added to the "Vanguard" group within 72 hours if approved or contacted if additional information is required.

Last bumped by Guardian on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:55 pm.
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