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Patriotic Poems
War and Tragedy

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Contributor: Bernard Howe || Poem Categories

Remembering 9-11-2001

Remembering September 11, 2011
Its been just about a year ago,

that our lives changed forever.
Healing has come slow for some
even with our patriotic endeavor.

Those lives that was lost that day,
amongst that twisted steel.
Still rips at our hearts,
yes it all seemed so surreal.

The police and the firemen,
who gave everything that day.
Are always on my lips,
each and every time I pray.

For those in the buildings,
and on those planes that perished.
My they live on in history,
for they are all now cherished.

Now our country can grow stronger,
and not let their lives be lost.
For we will protect our citizens,
at any price or any cost.

The thing about America
that makes us so renown.
Every time we're hurting,
they can never keep is down.

So I thank every citizen
for coming to our aid.
America the beautiful.

By Bernard Howe
Copyright 2002

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Bernard. ~~

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