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Contributor: Thurman P. Woodfork || Poem Categories

Thank You for Your Servicecountry as flag
“Thank you for your service...”
Is that just something you say,
Parroted with as much feeling as,
“Now, you have a real nice day”?

Do you actually care about what I did
And how I’ve been affected?
Would it matter to you in the slightest
If my life was now all disconnected?

Once you’ve said your catch phrase
And I’ve passed on out of your view,
Do you really give a fat rat’s ass
If my skies are gray or blue?

Well, you do seem like a nice guy,
So I guess it’s not just a platitude,
But words spoken with real emotion:
A sincere expression of gratitude.

Besides, if you want to know...
If I told what’s honest and true,
I’d have to confess I did it for myself
More than I did it for you.
By Thurman P. Woodfork
Copyright 2009
Listed March 2, 2011

About Author... Thurman P. Woodfork (Woody) spent his Air Force career as a radar repairman in places as disparate as Biloxi, Mississippi; Cut Bank, Montana; Tin City, Alaska; Rosas, Spain and Tay Ninh, Vietnam. In Vietnam, he was assigned to Detachment 7 of the 619th Tactical Control Squadron, a Forward Air Command Post located on Trai Trang Sup. Trang Sup was an Army Special Forces camp situated about fifty miles northwest of Saigon in Tay Ninh province, close to the Cambodian border. After Vietnam, Woody remained in the Air Force for nine more years.

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