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Contributor: Von E. Weeks || Poem Categories

Voting Is Our Civil Duty

country as flag

No matter which great American state you hail from,
People are polarizing for their favorite political son.

Passions are high; diversity of opinion is very great,
The TV ads are running from early morn to very late.

Americans listen, read and study the issues every day,
Because freely electing our leaders is the American way!

We struggle with issues that will determine who we are,
At times we look near-term, at other times we look afar.

Those we pick to represent us determines our destiny,
They legislate each principle of our individual liberty.

During election years our values systems are on trial,
We weigh proís and conís and put our opinions on file.

Our polls are manned by average folk, who really care,
Their only goal is to insure our election process is fair.

Many people will shirk from their duty because of apathy,
I wonder if they understand what it really means to be free.

Freedom does not reduce the need for civic responsibility,
Constant vigilance is crucial of those who want to remain free.

Americans voting for our leaders is NOT an optional chore,
And it is just as important for those who are rich or poor.

Take the time to review each of the value that ring true,
Voting your conscience is something only you can do.

Millions around the world would die to be able to vote,
So exercise your freedom wisely donít be a silly goat!

Election Day in America is a freedom to be treasured,
Our participation will determine how weíll be measured.
Von E. Weeks
Copyright 2004

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