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Please help The Independence Fund's nonprofit effort to provide special hi-tech wheel chairs "track chairs" for the 1,700 U.S. wounded warriors who are missing both arms and legs or paralyzed ... with donors giving $25 or more receiving a print of the five living U.S. Presidents.
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We The People

Foster Pride of America!

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Dear Fellow Patriot,

Since USA Patriotism! was founded in 2002, its mission has been to foster pride of America by her citizens and a better understanding about the USA from citizens of other countries

This mission also includes...

  • Always being there for America's brave and honorable troops with special intentions for the families of the fallen and wounded.

  • Being able to better instill love and respect of country in students of all ages, as all should be "Student Patriots".   The goal is being able to provide scholarships to deserving students based upon established criteria and selection process


David Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!
David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism! Founder

Well, to sustain this noble cause . . . requires the assistance from like-minded patriots!  And your valuable assistance will aid USA Patriotism! in its effort to foster love and pride of the United States of America! 


There are SEVEN WAYS that you can do so!


ONE... Spread The Word About USA Patriotism!


Please let your family and friends know about USA Patriotism! . . . Reminding everyone that it is all about love and pride of America . . . everyday . . . not just on national holidays and in response to tragic events.  Nor is it ever about politics at USA Patriotism! . . . Being an American or a friend of the USA is what counts.  And troops and their loved ones are always welcomed too!


TWO... Add A Link To USA Patriotism! On Your Site


Please consider adding one of the banners with a link to USA Patriotism! or a text link with a description of USA Patriotism! on your site.  Your patriotic gesture through your site will make more fellow Americans and friends of America aware of USA Patriotism! . . . where it is all about love and pride of America!  (You are welcome to do the same on your emails.)


THREE... Buy Online Through The USA Store!


The store at USA Patriotism! has many memorable American / USA themed products from reliable retail partners of USA Patriotism! . . . eliminating the need to spend hours searching the internet for what has already been located and listed at the USA Store . . . And USA Patriotism! only receives commissions from a retail partner when a product is bought through the USA Store. So, remember to come to the USA Store for your USA themed product needs . . . Then visit the retail partners' page first when looking for non-patriotic products, as their are over 40 retail partners listed.


And please consider ordering a signed, "Mere Chance", book as proceeds from it will be used for USA Patriotism


FOUR... Get My Novel, "Mere Chance", Autographed


You will receive my novel, "Mere Chance", autographed by me if you order it through USA Patriotism! You can also include a short message to you, a loved one, or a friend that you would like included with my signature.  And proceeds from orders will be used for USA Patriotism!


FIVE... Contribute Patriotic Content To USA Patriotism!


Contributing a patriotic poem, article, story, flash presentation, images, and/or photos helps fostering love and pride of America too!  You can even participate in forums at Patriotic Thoughts.


Students in 1st through 12th grade can also submit patriotic poems and essays for listing in Student Patriots. (Parents, grandparents, other family members, and teachers... please encourage them to do so.)


SIX... Donate to USA Patriotism!
Patriots are welcome to assist in fostering love and pride of America by donating to USA Patriotism!

PayPal membership not required to donate with credit card.
Donation doesn't qualify as an IRS deduction.

SEVEN... Your Organization Can Be A Partner of USA Patriotism!

USA Patriotism! invites American based organizations to become a partner in fostering love and pride of America.  Exclusive marketing rights are available by industry, event, holiday, and/or other appropriate purposes. {Your organization can also do so with a partnership / sponsorship ad.)


I thank you for your consideration in "helping to foster love and pride of America" through USA Patriotism!


Also, you can "show" your love and pride of America everyday and always on national holidays by displaying Old Glory outside of your home and your business along with wearing a flag pin!  These patriotic expressions should hopefully encourage many others to do the same.


May God continue to bless and watch over the USA and Her brave troops!


David G. Bancroft
Founder / Owner
USA Patriotism!

 Hundreds of patriotic art, prints, and posters about pride of America including the troops.

Charities supported by USA Patriotism! with links to them on all its pages.
USO  Fallen Heroes Fund  Wounded Warrior Project Independence Fund National Military Family Association
American Legion National Veterans Museum Silver Star Families Gary Sinise Foundation
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